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Sex Stories

Jun 26, 2020

Phil (24) has had big balls since he was a baby, mostly hooked up with chicks in high school and college, but discovered his kinky, freaky and queer side post-graduation when he moved to SF. He’s into Grindr, lots of sex, slapping, choking, spitting, tying, group play, recording, piss play, anonymous play, married...

Jun 19, 2020

So many MMF stories, one cross-dressing miracle, and lots of sexy laughs, Hannah and her Husband love fucking and blowing dudes together (it started with a cuckold). Both open, curious, and up to try things, chance leads them into fantasy scenarios *often.* We get SUPER detailed in this one, she is amazing!!! AKA...

Jun 12, 2020

Jon is an experience collector. It started with a stack of pornos, discovered with cousins as a kid, flipping through and picking something to try, it led to: (very secret) anal sex with a dude cousin, lots of sex during his musician life, voyeurism, exhibitionism, discovering booths in the back of adult book stores,...

Jun 5, 2020

Written & read by Wyoh Lee, we're playing around with romantic-ish kinky erotica to give you a taste of what our sexy live show will be like Saturday June 20th. If you're into this and want me to write you and/or your partner into the next one that will take place on th edge of a fantasy lake, visit