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Sex Stories

Feb 26, 2021

And not *just* spankings. How did Cece become a submissive fucktoy? Hear about Cece’s anal meditations, the almost-foursome, her thoughts on aftercare, getting caught by the police (twice), brief poly explorations, doing it in the band hall, hiding under the blankets except for her ass and getting “used,” and how...

Feb 19, 2021

He wants to be used, but he’s also trained submissives to perform urethral sounding on themselves through cam sites. We talk butt plugs while picking the kids up from school, pissing with a boner, cum eating (his own) instructions, his twitchiness, fucking his ass with a cucumber, a threesome, interrupted, and what a...

Feb 18, 2021

 For those of you who keep asking Wyoh to share more details, here’s her episode with the Manwhore himself – turning the tables, Billy interviews Wyoh.

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Feb 12, 2021

“You’re choosing my dick over breathing, what a good little slut,” is a hot form of appreciation Phoebe has discovered along with her submissive side. From early years of constant horniness to exploring bi-life in a way that feels like poly-life is inevitable, from looking for places to masturbate in private to a...

Feb 5, 2021

Dino tells us about going from ground-and-pound-style fuckery to 26-song-long threesomes and the older woman who dominated him (in wildly inappropriate ways), taught him to last, and left him with lingering desires for older women who know what they want, water sports, and the thrill of taboo. We have details of a dirty...