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Sex Stories

Sep 6, 2019

Wyoh and Bekah talk about:

  • growing up in the Birther movement & being told that masturbating was sex with the Devil (and thinking that’s kinda…hot)
  • working through psychological religious trauma
  • getting kicked out at 18 for having sex with her boyfriend she was only supposed to be “courting”
  • understanding sexuality beyond the physical act of sex
  • open marriage at 21
  • her collection of playboy magazines from the ’60’s
  • foursomes & chicks not being attracted to the dudes
  • tapping into “masculine” assertive energy
  • her most embarrassing sex story: “a couple we met on craigslist”
  • fantasy: a foursome with just other women
  • threesome w two dudes
  • sex life post-kids
  • sharing sex moods & fucking desires: sweet loving to raunchy dirty fucking
  • foot worship: “I get it now, why he’s serving me”
  • D/s dynamics
  • future horizons: kink convention, voyeurism, butt stuff