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Sex Stories

Dec 20, 2019

Emalee (21, cis fem she/her; from rural NY, now lives in the Midwest part time) tells @wyohlee about:

Growing up in a conservative 7th Day Adventist household, a family of medical professionals

Her mom reading “Every Woman’s Battle” – which includes anti-masturbation messages

Going to an Adventist boarding school (no shoulders, no knees showing!)

Dating her brother’s best friend when she was in high school (he was almost twice her age) + their “full-on, terrible” sex

Reflecting on that relationship as she’s grown older and feeling like it’s closer to pedophilia than she realized when she was in it

First Kiss Story = First Penis Story

Being very sensitive all over, everywhere

Creativity inspired by no penetration with her current partner

Loving the freedom of submission, but not being into pain

Doing it in a stairwell, bathroom, boss’ office

Getting caught by a cop in the middle of the day

An unplanned threesome and the aftermath

A preference for lesbian porn

How important communication is in her sex life w her partner and


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