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Sex Stories

Oct 1, 2021

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>>> TW: extreme kink fantasies, Work-sexy is what sells, private-life-sexy is *very* kinky, and yes, there’s overlap. Mistress Venus, a full-service sex worker who has worked at a brothel and with private clients, gives their perspective on the sexiness of sex work, what they love about it, the eye-rolling offer they get from clients over and over, the thing people wanna do to their bellybutton, what it’s like to femme it up even though they’re non-binary, what happened when someone left printouts of their XXX online personae in their conservative religious family’s mailbox, and what it’s like to offer and receive feedback with lovers and the beauty of conversations without fear of rejection. 24 non-binary bi poly queer very kinky Australian Pro-Domme, DM, host of the pod What the Kink @WhatTheKinkPod // Sex at Work is a production of Wyoh Media  — submit your sex at work stories here: